Sub-lines are sublime


A sub-line is not a real line in the sense that it does not stretch out far from the body. Instead, it connects body parts and only extends outside of the physical body a few inches at most. Furthermore, sub-lines only exist in the Man level.

With the head in the East and the legs in the West, there is a sub-line at the knees (in the Heaven and Earth levels this is a real line of force), a sub-line at the level of the bellybutton, a sub-line at the level of the nipples, a sub-line where the neck connects to the shoulders, and a sub-line at the tip of the nose to the cheeks.

The boxes of energy in between the lines of force relate to ourselves and the lines of force relate to other people. We can improve upon this. There are four ways you can be in relation with other people:

Four relationships to self and others

  1. You can have feelings about yourself unrelated to other people
  2. You can have feelings about other people in your life experience
  3. You can have feelings about yourself as a result of other people
  4. You can have feelings about other people who are not directly in your life experience

Every energetic box is defined by its line of force closest to the feet. Therefore, in every line/box relationship, there are four components: the line of force, the lower aspect of the energetic box, the sub- line, and the top aspect of the energetic box. Given traditional medical theory, this makes tremendous sense, as everything can be broken down into Yin and Yang components, even the lines of force and the energetic boxes. You therefore have a Yin line, a Yang line, a Yin box aspect and a Yang box aspect in every energetic zone.

The bottom most line is the line that relates to your feelings about people whom you have never actually met. The bottom half-box relates to how you feel about yourself in response to other’s feelings about you. The sub-line relates to your feelings about other people. And the top half-box relates to your feelings about yourself unrelated to other people.

In the case of the Man-level box that relates to your basic emotions, the ankles relate to your basic emotions about other people you have never met. Your shins and calves relate to how you feel about yourself as a result of how other people feel about you. Your knees relate to the basic emotions you feel about other people in your life experience. Your thighs to low abdomen relate to the basic emotions you feel about yourself independent of the feelings of others.

In the case of the Man-level box at the chest that relates to the stories you tell about your life. The rib line relates to the stories you hear about other people unrelated to your personal experience. The half- box from the ribs to the nipples relate to the stories you tell about yourself because other people are telling stories about you. The nipple sub-line relates to the stories you are telling about other people in your life. The box from the nipples to the armpits relates to the stories you are telling about yourself outside of the influence of other people.

 From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Spiritual anatomy


Your anatomy can be broken down into many interesting spiritual components. My interest today is to introduce you to components that can be used to influence or control your internal emotional life when your emotions become imbalanced.

Extraordinary Vessels

Remember those energetic structures called Extraordinary Vessels? They play an important role in maintaining the structure of the body. These structures are the fastening rods of your life experience.

For emotional treatments, we use the following heuristic. Previously, in the chapter “Extraordinary Vessels”, I presented you with the Fu Xi Wen definition of these lines of force. For the sake of simplicity, we shall use the following loosely conforming to the traditional Chinese theory:

  • The Ren Mai is found on the front of the body in the mid line from the pubic bone to the bottom of the mouth.
  • The Du Mai is found on the back of the body at the mid line and moves up the spine, over the head to the top of the mouth.
  • The Dai Mai is found on the sides of the body from feet to head cutting the sides of the body in half.

Ren Mai

The Ren Mai relates to the future and is broken down by segments as follows: the feet relate to the effect of the past on the future, the ankles to the hip line relates to the basic emotions (love, trust, integrity, confidence, growth) being held about the future, the abdomen relates to the complex emotions being held about the future (unconditional love, power, expectations/judgment, willpower, and strategy/transformation), the chest relates to the story one is telling oneself about the future, the neck relates to belief systems one has about the future, and the face is about future experiences.

Du Mai

The Du Mai relates to the past and is broken down in the same segments as the Ren. The feet relate to the physical feelings of the past, the ankles to the hip line relate to the basic emotions one holds about the past. The low back beneath the ribs relates to the complex emotions one harbors about the past. The upper back relates to the story one tells oneself about the past. The neck relates to belief systems about the past. The face relates to the raw data of past experiences.

Dai Mai

The Dai Mai relates to the present. And you can extrapolate the various meanings of the body segments from above, simply use “the present” in every case.

It is remarkably easy to diagnose one’s emotions and imbalances using this methodology. All you need is a teishin and a tacit understanding of how the Five Elements relate to specific directions. Please refer to EmoteishinTM for a detailed analysis. However, a basic shortcut is as follows: North relates to confidence, East relates to growth, South relates to love, West relates to integrity and center relates to trust. Diagonals relate to both emotions that connect at that intersection (ie. the SE nerves relate to love and growth together) as they relate to the energetic segment in which they cross. As another example, the NW nerves in the chest relate to confidence and integrity in one’s life story.

Organ Treatments

When emotions arise, we experience them in any of the following ways: physically (i.e. Butterflies), emotionally (feeling our feelings), communicatively (the need to talk to someone)/visually (i.e. seeing ourselves doing things), analytically (i.e. thinking about feelings/events and their implications), and impulsively (i.e. Eating the bon bons).

It just so happens that these methods relate to specific organs. The kidneys relate to our physical experience of emotions. The spleen relates to the emotional experience of our emotions. One feels compelled to express liver emotions to others. The liver can also relate to emotions expressed though visualizations, day dreams and night dreams. The lungs relate to our analytical emotions. The heart relates to our impulses.

Regardless of your constitution, you can experience all of your emotions in any of these domains. How your express your emotions points directly to where the emotion is being experienced in your body.

Yang Organs Versus Yin Organs Versus Meridians

So far, I have only discussed Yin organs, but we also store emotions in Yang organs. These organs relate to the same Elemental relationships described above, but the difference is that we store emotions about ourselves in the Yin organs and emotions about other people in the Yang organs.

To treat the emotions inside an organ, place the teishin above the organ at the T° for that organ. Then place the treatment tool in every angle in a circle East to West and another North to South as described above for the Extraordinary Vessel treatments, or in the direction or directions needing treatment.

Autonomic Nervous System

Another place to look for emotional imbalances is your nervous system. In addition to the nerves that tell you information about what is going outside your body (South East nerves) and those nerves that tell you what is going inside your body (South West nerves), you have two important nervous systems called the parasympathetic system (North West nerves) and the sympathetic system (North East nerves). These parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are collectively known as the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The ANS connects to every organ and gland of the body and essentially works to regulate all of your body processes in a coordinated way. The parasympathetic system is all about rest, relaxation, sex, and digestion. The sympathetic system is all about fight and flight – turning off any bodily process that might interfere with survival during an emergency and gearing up for action.

I tend to find autonomic system imbalances expressed throughout the entire body, so that treating the entire body becomes necessary. Balance any imbalanced energy you find there in every multi- dimensional level in which it resides.

From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Bone batteries


In every case, energetic batteries have two components: Yin and Yang. Heaven is Yang and the Earth level is Yin. These fuel the Qi in the middle Man level. The organs contain Qi that has Heaven and Earth level coordinates and so reproduce on a small scale what the greater Heaven and Earth planes do on a large scale.


Where fire meets bone

The weave of our bodies is Yin and the energy that moves in that weave is comparatively Yang. If we were to take the most Yin Jing and put it in contact with the most Yang Qi, then doesn’t that define a battery?

It turns out our bodies are way ahead of us. Bone is the most Yin weave in our bodies. Fire is the most Yang form of Qi. Where Fire Qi meets the bone tissue is where a tremendous amount of energy resides. If we could put Fire inside the center of the bone, then we would essentially have a self-contained battery. A bone battery.

When we look at the tissue-angles of the bone, bone being found at KD(KD), we find something wonderful in the Fire location HT(KD to SI): the marrow cavity. If you were to look up traditional Chinese thoughts about marrow you would find that marrow contains the human “essence”. Various forms of martial arts claim to cleanse the marrow to provide tremendous vitality and increased longevity.

Two more points to make before we come to the inevitable conclusion. First: when you add Fire and Water, you create Earth Qi, the energy that powers the circuits of our bodies. Second, the Yuan Source Qi that contains all Five Elements and that generates the energy of the meridians moves through the center of the bones.

Put this mishmash of facts all together and there is only one conclusion to be drawn. The marrow of the bone is altogether another battery in our bodies.


Preventing aging?

As we age, this marrow cavity, that should be fiery, grows cold. Given that cold often relates to poor circulation and given that the marrow is where blood cells – both red and white – are generated, this bodes poorly for our survival.

Keeping the marrow warm is very good preventative medicine. With the “tissue within tissue” technique at KD(KD)HT(KD), use Advanced Perfusion to increase Fire Qi in the Earth plane (along with Water Qi for the Yin T°), Fire and Wood Qi in the Man plane, and Water and Earth Qi in the Heaven plane. Balance the Container Qi as needed. If you have cold in the Man and Earth planes, a few days after treatment you will experience a tremendous boost in energy as more red blood cells are produced resulting in more oxygenated blood traveling through your system.


From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Constitutional types and health


Genetics is not destiny

According to Fu Xi Wen, our constitutions are determined by two factors: our parents’ Elemental constitutions and the external energy in the environment during our gestation. This falls back on traditional Chinese theory that looks at the movement of the five closest planets to determine which energies are excessive and which ones are deficient during any particular year.

Because there are two sources, parents and yearly energies, people have different constitutional strengths and weaknesses creating the cornucopia of human (and animal) personalities we know and love. While having balanced energy is always a good thing, especially for health and longevity, there is no implied better constitution. All of have their strengths and weaknesses.


Wood types

Wood constitutions have lean bodies with very clearly defined muscles regardless of their attention to exercise. Wood people have strong eyes, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Their livers and gallbladders are usually quite healthy. However, they tend to have weak digestive systems such as stomach problems, esophagus problems, gum and lip problems, eating problems, and problems with motor function. They also tend to have lesser problems with their lungs, large intestines, skin, sinuses, noses, and physical boundaries throughout their bodies.


Fire types

Fire bodies are long and lanky. Fire people have strong tastes and strong tongues. They have extremely healthy hearts, blood vessels and small intestines. Yet if they are imbalanced, these are locations for excessive problems. They tend to have skin, lung, large intestine, nose, sinus, and physical boundary problems. To a lesser degree, they might have kidney, bladder, smooth muscle, bone and structural issues.


Earth types

Earth types are strong and nurturing. Their bodies tend to be thick and stocky. They have more fat cells than other people. Earth bodies have great stomachs, spleens, motor control, muscles, gums, lips, and guts. Excessive people have excessive problems in these domains. They tend to have problems with bones, kidneys, smooth muscles, bladders, and physical structures. To a lesser degree, they have problems with ligaments, tendons, eyes, livers, gallbladders, and connective tissue.


Metal types

Metal people are incredibly smart. Their bodies tend to be thin (unless they are Earth Metal types) but not perfectly thin and definitely not as well-defined as Wood types. Metal types have strong lungs, large intestines, noses, sinuses and boundaries. However, these are the locations where excess problems manifest. Most of the time, Metal people have problems with their livers, gallbladders, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. To a lesser degree, they have problems with blood vessels, the small intestine, the heart muscle, and the tongue.


Water types

Water types tend to have physical quirks such as ears at the wrong heights or different shapes between two of the same physical structures. In other words, they are not perfectly symmetrical. Water bodies have strong kidneys, bladders, bones, and structures. The more excessive the person is in this type, the more likely these organs will be the sites of excessive problems. Water types have weak blood vessels, hearts, small intestines, and tongues. To a lesser degree they have problems with digestion, stomachs, the esophagus, gums and lips, and muscles.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Vectors of disease


A disease is a movie made up of these snapshots of time. There is a beginning. Sometimes you’re aware of it, sometimes you’re not. But it has a beginning. And then you have a number of snapshots, or frames, that might span minutes or even decades or lifetimes. When a problem arises, we tend to focus on it as if it is brand new. But that is rarely the case. There is often another snapshot you have totally forgotten about. Today it is shoulder pain, but it might have been neck pain or wrist pain months ago. Because there was a gap in between, and it could be years, there is the appearance of difference. But in actuality, problems tie themselves together like knots on a string.


Disease destiny

Diseases have destinations. They rise, fall, sink inward, move outward, flow in a compass direction, a Man direction, or a Heavenly direction. At any given moment, a disease has a specific location, but over time, it has a path.

There are several possible vectors that should be considered in Fu Xi Wen including:

  • Lines of force vectors
  • Box vectors
  • Line and box vectors
  • Five Element vectors
  • Tissue depth vectors
  • Container vectors


Lines of force vectors

As you know, our bodies are surrounded by these lines of force. These lines are interconnected and the energy that flows along them flows from one to another. This is true for diseases as well. If an imbalanced movement of energy finds itself on any line of force, all of the interconnected lines of force to the imbalanced one are vulnerable. Every connection is a gate. The gate can be left open for invasion or it can be closed. The way it is closed is by ensuring a controlling movement of energy or an excessive movement of energy exists in the line of force behind the gate – in opposition to the imbalanced movement.


Box vectors

Energy has a propensity to move up/down, in/out, East/West, or North/South. When disease strikes a box created by the lines of force, it will not just sit there, it will start to move in a specific direction. Over time, the constant force of its movement will eventually break down the barriers of the lines of force and the disease will push to the next adjacent box where it will again continue its push along the same direction.

This is most obviously seen when a problem moves from one joint to the next adjacent joint. It may take days, months, or years, but if the root of the problem is not treated, then the fuel exists for this continued expansion. When this happens, consider treating not just where the problem currently exists, but every box in which the problem once existed.


Line and box vectors

Lines connect and define boxes. A single line passes over multiple boxes. Diseases can follow a line of force from one box to another or from one line of force to multiple boxes or both.


Five Element vectors

Every Element eventually creates another Element. This cycle of creation is called the Generating Cycle. Fire makes Earth makes Metal makes Water makes Wood makes Fire. It is a big wheel that keeps turning.

The vector of an excessive disease is for the Mother to generate the Child. So, one way to treat an excessive Element is to use the controlling energy to control the Mother as well as the controlling energy to control the Child. You always want to do this in the order just specified because if you add energy to control the Child first, that is the movement of energy that strengthens the Mother of the problem and will make it worse.


Tissue depth vectors

Sometimes diseases rise or sink among the tissues. Take a rash, for instance, Sometimes a rash results from a problem only on the skin level. But very often it arises from a deeper source – the blood vessels beneath it, or even the flesh beneath the blood vessels.

You need to think about the tissues as related to each other. If a problem exists in the tendons and ligaments, what is happening with the bones or the large arteries and veins that are directly next to them?


Container vectors

Containers contain energy. So, if you have an excessive Element anywhere in the body, be sure to look at the energy contained in the containers related to that Element. It is hardly likely you could have excessive Earth, for instance, without some of it spilling over into the Spleen and Stomach.

The Extraordinary Vessels are also containers of a sort. The Du Mai will collect any Yang excessive energy. The Ren Mai will collect any Yin excessive energy. The Chong Mai will collect excessive Fire and Earth. The Dai Mai will collect excessive Wood.

So, especially for chronic problems, look at these containers to see if excessive energies are being collected in these locations. If they are, the container will constantly feed the collected movement of energy back into the system, delaying a recovery.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Treatment goals & strategies


Root versus manifestations

More often then not, the first treatment goal in Fu Xi Wen is to locate the true root of a problem. Most of the time, the goal is to identify the root of the problem. And, as I have said this again and again, this is not always straightforward.

The primary goal is to identify the root of the problem. If you miss the root, you miss the problem entirely or you make it better for only a short time. After you treat the root, then treat the manifestation. The manifestation is the actual symptom, the head of the problem. Western medicine focuses entirely on manifestations and almost never on root causes. The problem with treating only manifestations is that the root problem can express itself in many different ways and will follow the path of least resistance. So, a new problem can arise. Or, the original problem will simply re-emerge over time.


Treatment strategy

Once you have identified the root, you need to come up with a treatment strategy. Up until now, the treatment strategy has always been: balance the imbalance. Of course, this is still the goal, but the way to get there is not always the direct act of balancing Heaven, Man, and Earth. Every system in the body is connected to another system. Our bodies are a combination of inter-connecting and inter-related systems. When you change one part of the whole, the rest of the parts all re-balance.


Habitual roots

The deepest level of most modern problems is our life-style choices. Anything you repeat frequently will have a strong effect on your energy. Any food you always eat, any way you hold your body, any emotion you feel habitually. Our habits push us in the same direction day after day until one day they cause an imbalance, or worse yet, our demise.

When the root is your lifestyle, the strategy is to first take whatever steps are within your power to change your lifestyle. If you live in a frightening dictatorship or live in a time and place of war, then you may not be able to change that lifestyle factor. But you can always treat your spirit. In this case, it would have to be palliative care on a regular basis. But otherwise, it might just cure your issue.

The next strategy is to identify the physical and/or emotional symptoms you are experiencing and bring them to balance. If it is physical, you need to identify the root and manifesting tissue imbalances. If it is emotional, you need to identify the spiritual root of the problem.


Other treatment strategies

Treatment strategies can also be very creative. Instead of balancing the manifesting symptom, you can change the systems around it.

In Chinese medicine, there are several common treatment strategies:

  • harmonize or balance
  • increase or tonify
  • decrease or disperse
  • transform Qi from one phase to another
  • purge as in bowels or vomit
  • sweat

Balance is our main goal, but it can come in various forms. We can balance everything equally as we have been doing. Or, when we see Yin, Yang, and/or Qi is low, we can increase it. When we see Yin, Yang, and/or Qi is too plentiful, we can decrease it.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Advanced perfusion technique

Fu Xi Wen: An Introduction To Open Source Medicine

The basic tenets of Container Theory translate to Fu Xi Wen. The only difference is that with container Qi, you always point the treatment tools up/down, East/West, or North/South. With perfusion, you point the tool at the tissue-angle. If you’ve read the last chapter, I don’t need to elaborate on the complexities more than as follows:

  • Heaven plane = Vertical Element + (Fire Qi above V.0°, Water Qi below V.0°, or Earth Qi at V.0°)
  • Man plane = Vertical Element + Compass Element + (Metal if West (S.+05° to N.-05°) or Wood if East (S.-05° to N.+05°))
  • Earth plane = Compass Element + (Water if North (W.+05° to E.-05°) or Fire Qi if South (W.-05° to E.+05°))

Let’s take the example of the lungs. Heaven is treated with Earth Qi and Water directed at V.0° while moving the tools up and down. Man is treated with Metal and Water at the N.- 10°/S.+10° while moving the tools East and West. For the Yin T°, the Earth plane is treated with Water and Metal at N.-10° while moving the tools North and South. For the Yang T°, the Earth plane is treated with Fire and Metal directed at S.+10° while moving the tools North and South. This advanced method is different from the basic method in that in the advanced method you use Earth Qi instead of Fire Qi in the Heaven direction in this case. You use Fire Qi instead of Water Qi in the Earth plane Yang for this particular tissue-angle.

While this change is subtle, the improvement in effectiveness is hard to describe. But I will take a gander at it. Let’s say a healthy you should have the shape of the letter G. The imbalanced you has only the “ – ” part of the letter. The basic perfusion technique added more shape, let’s say a “ C “. But when it comes to the body’s ability to understand the letter, sometimes it reads it correctly as a G and sometimes it reads it more like a C. The advanced technique adds the subtle details in shaping that make all the difference. Now the body always reads it as a G.

I implore all practitioners of Fu Xi Wen to utilize Advanced Perfusion and Advanced Container Qi from this point forward. I cannot overstate the importance of shaping the energy correctly for each tissue.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Advanced container theory


What Exactly Is Container Qi?

If container Qi is what the tissue holds, then what is the container Qi of the gallbladder? The gallbladder organ holds bile. Ergo, the container Qi of the gallbladder organ is bile (at one teishin magnification).

If the container Qi of different tissues is totally different substances, how can all container Qi have the same Elemental configuration: Fire in Heaven, Earth in Man, and Water in the Earth plane? Well, they don’t. For each tissue, the container Qi consists of a latticework of different Elements. Fortunately, each level of magnification for the same tissue contains the same latticework.

How does this new revelation make a mess of things? The vast number of tissues in our medicine translates to a vast number of ideal container Qi configurations. When it comes to balancing imbalance, we need to know the ideal container Qi for each tissue. Next, we need to be able to identify when the Elemental balance is wrong to set things right.


How to determine the correct container Qi

Rather than memorizing every tissue’s unique container Qi fingerprint, there is fortunately a quicker method. First we need to identify our goal. Our goal is to determine the Element or Elements that need to be utilized as container Qi in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes for each unique tissue. With that goal in mind, the Element for each plane can be determined as follows:



If the tissue-angle for the tissue is angled above V.0°, such as from V.+05° to V.+85°, Heaven is Yang so use Fire in the Heaven direction (pointing the treatment tool straight up and down) plus the Vertical Element of the tissue (also pointed straight up and down). If the tissue-angle is angled at V.0°, then Heaven is neutral (or Qi) so use Five Element Earth Qi (which is the same as neutral Qi) with Water Qi (for the Vertical Element) pointed straight up and down. If the tissue-angle is angled beneath V.0°, for instance from V.-05° to V.-85°, Heaven is Yin and so treat straight up and down with the Water Element and the Vertical Element for the tissue.



If the tissue-angle is angled towards the West (anywhere from S.+05° to N.-05°), treat due West and due East with the Metal Element (the Element of the West) along with the Compass and Vertical Elements (also pointed due East and due West). If the tissue-angle is angled towards the East (from S.- 05° to N.+05°), treat due East and due West with the Wood Element and both Compass and Vertical Elements.


Earth plane

If the tissue-angle for the tissue is angled North (anything from W.+05° to E.-05°), Earth is Yin so treat due North and due South with Water Qi and the Compass Element. If the tissue-angle is angled South (anything from W.-05° to E.+05°), Earth is Yang so treat due North and due South with the Fire Element and the Compass Element.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Cleaning the lines/The Real Kahuna


Cleaning the lines


When you feel run-down or imbalanced, the lines of force are likely imbalanced even when no particular tissue is diseased. So you should make sure to diagnose the individual lines of forces and energetic boxes themselves and balance them using basic Container Qi theory.

There are two things we need to know in order to do an effective job at “cleaning the lines”. We need to be able to correctly diagnose the movement of energy in the lines. We also need to be able to treat the lines of force directly; no shortcuts. Diagnosis requires training your hands to feel Five Element sensations to the degree necessary to pick up what is happening in those millimeter thick lines of force. In my mind, this seems relatively easy compared to what is required for treatment. Here, to have the deepest impact on the lines, we need to treat the coupled meridians, requiring that we know exactly where they are located.

The coupled meridians again are as follows:


Heaven (standing) Man (head in the East) Earth (head in South)
SI/HT: above head

SI/BL: eyebrow line

ST/LI: jaw line

GB/TW: armpit line

SP/LU: below rib line

LV/PC: hip line

KD/HT: knee line

KD/LU: ankle line

KD/BL: below feet line

SI/HT: eyebrow line

GB/LV: jaw line

TW/PC: armpit line

ST/SP: below rib line

LI/LU: hip line

BL/KD: ankle line

SI/HT: eyebrow line

SI/LV: jaw line

GB/HT: armpit line

TW/SP: below rib line

ST/PC: hip line

LI/KD: knee line

BL/LU: ankle line

BL/KD: below feet line


All you have to do is stick the sound instrument into one meridian and—afterword—immediately stick it into its coupled meridian and move the tool in the corresponding Heaven, Man, or Earth directions.

The important thing to be able to do is identify the coupled meridians with the individual lines of force so that you can translate your diagnosis into action.



The Real Kahuna


I started the whole conversation about Heaven, Man, and Earth with an analogy of beads on a string. Yang beads are on top, Qi beads are in the middle, and Yin beads are at the bottom. Imbalance exists when the wrong beads find themselves in the wrong locations. Since Yang wants to move up and Yin wants to move down, the wrong beads in the wrong location fuel disease symptoms.


The fallacy of the three beads

Admittedly, that was a bit of an over-simplification. There are five types of beads representing the Five Elements. Each of these beads feels differently to the hands with or without the teishin. These sensations require experience to differentiate, but are essentially:

  1. Fire—hot and rhythmic like hot waves
  2. Earth—thick, like your hand is in slightly warm mud
  3. Metal—dry and like hundreds of upward pins; also like dry billowing steam
  4. Water—cold and sinking
  5. Wood—like every cell in your hand is being individually pinched

You can feel these sensations in Heaven, Man, and Earth directions and in every individual angle around the body. In Heaven, you should feel Fire. Man should be full of Earth Qi. The Earth level should feel cold from the Water Qi.


Elements in their place

In addition to these “pure” sensations, each angle off of the X, Y, Z lines is a tissue angle that is comprised of a Compass Element and a Vertical Element. In these locations you should feel the appropriate Elements in the appropriate directions of Heaven, Man, and Earth.

However, there is a physically damaged tissue when the wrong Element is found in the wrong place in a tissue-angle. With allergies, for instance, it is not unusual to feel Wood Qi instead of Metal Qi in the nose, sinuses, and lungs. At the same time, you may feel Metal Qi instead of Wood Qi in the prefrontal cortex and so-called “speech center” of the brain (related to breathing while talking). This means the organs are damaged.

All you have to do is control the wrong Element with an Element that should naturally be present. But what if the controlling Element is still the wrong Element?


Complicated energetics

This is the case for Metal in the pre-frontal cortex LV(KD). Heaven should have Water and Earth and Man should have Wood (Earth has Water too). Fire controls Metal. But Fire is still the wrong Element. So what do we do? First, we add Fire Qi to control the Metal. Next, we add Water Qi in every direction to control Fire. Finally, we can add Wood Qi in the Man and Earth planes (Generating Cycle) to bring things to their proper order.

If the controlling Element is present, you can’t simply add the controlled Element without dealing with the presence of the Controlling Element or you’ll slow down the effects remarkably and the problem may eventually resurface. The better approach is more complicated; we need to control as many Elements as necessary until we can add or generate the Element we need.

If you take into account the Five Element energies when you treat, you will see a dramatic improvement in your results. If you do not control the wrong Element, then it does not transform. Instead, it stays exactly where it is in the Elemental phase and continues to exert its negative influence. When the beads are all in place, the energetic forces that were causing the symptoms are righted and the symptoms entirely go away.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.

Remote treatments


So far, you have always used your treatment tools in the general proximity of the problem. And we’ve had ample time to explore the energy side of the equation. We know that energy truly exists and has an impact on the tissue. We also know that energy flows along lines of force and that these lines of force have connecting points on the Chinese meridian system.


Remote treatments, really

We have always treated a tissue in the local area of the tissue. But, given the limitations of our arms and the flexibility of our arms, we cannot reach every part of our body.

If instead you were to determine which two meridians connect to the energetic box or line of force where the problem resides and then treat anywhere along those meridians exactly as if you were treating the local tissue, something seemingly miraculous happens. Treating in this manner treats the tissue exactly as if you were doing so locally.


Benefits to remote treatments

Treating remotely in this way is extremely helpful on three levels:

  1. Treating the acupuncture points requires less overall effort in many cases.
  1. You can’t always reach the affected tissue on your own body. For instance, it is very difficult to treat your own back. If you have a back issue, it is far easier to treat remotely.
  1. Remote treatments have a very strong energetic effect – stronger than a local treatment.


Remote treatment drawbacks

However, there are also some drawbacks to remote treatments:

  1. Acupuncture points can be difficult to reach unto themselves.
  1. Remote treatments require truly understanding all of this meridian theory.


Determining the correct energetic box and LOF

When treating remotely, you need to determine whether or not the tissue falls along a line of force or between two of them. If they are in-between two, you need to determine which box the tissue falls in. The box a tissue falls in is determined by the line of force at the bottom of the box closest to the feet.

Remember, if you are treating an energetic box, you treat the right side. If you are treating lines of force you treat the left side.


Example of remote treatments

Let’s say you need to balance your large intestine organ:

Most of it resides in the 2nd Man level segment (LU/LI), the 4th Earth level (ST/PC) and the 4th Heaven level (LV/PC). To treat the large intestine remotely, you select its T° of W.+20° V.0° and E.-20° V.0° LI(KD). Instead of balancing Heaven’s Fire, Man’s Earth Qi, and Earth plane Water all around the large intestine, you can select any connector – or all of them – and treat just those meridians within them.

An even better, albeit more complicated way, is to select the connectors as follows: To balance the large intestine Fire, select the Heaven pair: LV/PC. To balance the Five Element Earth Qi, treat the Man level pair: LU/LI. And to treat the Earth level Water Qi, select the Earth level points: ST/PC.



From Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction to Open Source Medicine by Ethan Borg.